July 2019 Newsletter

Posted By : Jim Peace
Jul 31, 2019
July 2019 Newsletter

Get Small Business Phone Service for Your Startup Without the Large Expense

Today, small businesses don’t even need to invest much. Expensive phone equipment to facilitate phone communication has become a thing of the past. With cloud systems you can have a professional phone experience with minimal costs. | Read more.

Customer Expectations are Rewriting the Digital Transformation Playbook

A company's ability to provide innovative experiences is as important as the quality of its products in 2019. New research found that 84% of customers now consider these factors equally when deciding who to buy from. | Read more.

The Limitations of Traditional Landline Phone Systems and How Cloud-Based Hosted PBX can Help

For small businesses, traditional analog phone systems might seem like a smart choice with their simplicity and reliability, but most businesses with traditional analog systems face unexpected costs during and after installation. Analog systems tie you down to one location and lack flexibility and modern innovation. | Read more.

Do You Need an IT Department in your Small Business?

IT once focused on managing on-premise servers, workstation app environments, administering software licenses and other local network needs. Now Everything-as-a-Service eliminates these duties. Does this make the IT department redundant? | Read more.

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