SD-WAN is a Control Freak. Here's Why That's a Good Thing.

Posted By : Sandy Poi
Jul 02, 2021

Several key factors are driving the rapid adoption of SD-WAN technology by businesses of all sizes. SD-WAN was a technology on the rise before the pandemic struck in 2020. But the new “work-from-anywhere” paradigm has seen the emergence of a spread-out workforce accessing cloud services and data centers via all types of networks, using all types of devices.

Couple that with the unheard-of explosion in e-commerce (again, mostly due to the pandemic), and the pressure to efficiently and effectively manage a kaleidoscope of network traffic quickly has become a key part of any successful IT plan. 

The underlying issue is that the traditional WAN was simply not built to handle today’s network requirements. It can't keep up with the high-paced demands of multiple sites, remote users and the growing dependence on cloud-based applications. SD-WAN does that – and a whole lot more.

Total Control SD-WAN from Peace Communications is the next-generation solution to managing your IT Network. Think of it as the conductor of a symphony. The head coach constantly barking instructions from a playbook. It’s an always-on, always-working, automated approach to network resource allocation, security, and analysis. And it works!

What is SD-WAN (in terms I can understand)?

If you’re already familiar with SD-WAN you can skip straight to the good stuff. If like many you’re still learning, Software-Defined Wide Area Network technology replaces the “server in the back closet” approach to managing your company’s data flow. The secret behind SD-WAN is that it creates a network that’s managed through cloud-hosted software rather than a multitude of hardware systems.

SD-WAN has been called the “easy button.” With one program, from one central location, it allows you to integrate network traffic from all locations: communications systems, hosted applications, e-commerce and Saas (like Office 365 or CRM). It then orchestrates the smooth flow of all these network sources, delivering a consistent, secure, and high-performing application experience to all users – anywhere, and to any device.

Unlike traditional WAN, SD-WAN provides greater agility and reliability, which means more cost savings to your business. You also get the flexibility to:

·       Provide a high-quality unified communications experience

·       Lower bandwidth consumption 

·       Reduce hardware costs

·       Centralize network management 

·       Create policy-based QoS (Quality of Service) and traffic routing that’s unique to your business

·       Quickly connect branch offices and remote workers with zero-touch provisioning

·       Define your security policy through a software-defined network in a highly secure, cloud-based architecture

·       Generate customized, detailed analytics

Other Key Benefits of Total Control SD-WAN from Peace

Bandwidth Aggregation
Aggregate bandwidth using any access type – cable, DSL, 4G LTE or 5G – from any service provider.

Centralized Control
Make changes globally or by connection, location, app, device or user with our intuitive portal.

Continuous Uptime
Enjoy always-on connections with seamless failover and dynamic path selection.

Zero-Touch Provisioning
Get started fast by connecting our plug-and-play edge appliance to power and the internet.

Network Visibility
Get unparalleled visibility into your network performance with our deep analytics engine.

Hybrid WAN Option
Use both MPLS and Internet circuits with a hybrid MPLS + SD-WAN option.

Virtual Network Firewall Support
Various models of the SD-WAN edge routers provide the ability to deploy your VNF Appliances directly to the edge device.

Zero Trust Security
Segmentation enables a comprehensive, zero-trust model for local networks and applications within your environment. It delivers consistent control over the network and application workloads.

Why Peace is the Best Choice for SD-WAN

·       Your SD-WAN solution is architected for your environment with the help of your Peace Systems Engineer.

·       Our network specialists can fully manage your SD-WAN or co-manage it along with your team.

·       We ensure your SD-WAN is secure and resilient with integrated core network firewalls.

·       Our SD-WAN and cloud UC platforms are on the same network, for a seamless experience.

The promise of SD-WAN technology is unfolding right in front of our eyes as more companies adopt this leading-edge, time- and money-saving approach. From the ease with which it’s deployed and managed to the numerous operational, H.R., e-commerce, and security benefits it brings on, SD-WAN is the way of the future. Talk to your Peace Communications professional today about putting Total Control SD-WAN to work for you.

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