companyBusiness Anywhere

PeaceCom provides virtual hosted desktops, servers and applications with improved performance and security at a lower total cost of ownership

istock_000008108673xsmallVoice Services

Peace Voice Services provide your business with cost effectives for business lines, T-1 access, PRI, and VoIP.  We offer solutions

data_backgroundData Services

Fast and Reliable Data Services are critical to any growing business.  Peace Data Services provide your business with flexible network

istock_000007430131xsmallData Center

PeaceCom Data Center Solutions provide your business a secure controlled facility and network services that ensure your critical data is


From network design to implementation, monitoring, and management, Peace Networking Solutions provide your company with advanced technology that simplify your network infrastructure and save you money.

Technical Support

Enjoy dedicated support that quickly responds to your needs. When you call Peace Communications, you'll be connected directly to one of our dedicated support representatives - not to automated prompts or recordings

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