Your Internet options must be secure and offer great operational efficiency bundled with superior customer service. Peace offers services that include a suite of high-quality, high-speed, premium fiber optic internet options from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

With service that has been described by our customers as “near perfect," we offer you the “best of the best” at economical price points to meet your specific business needs. Peace is recognized for its ability to deliver with speed and agility which is important in today’s fast paced technology environment

PeaceCom is the owner/operator of fiber networks in Chattanooga and Nashville. Partnerships provide broad geographic reach through its geo redundant network without service area limitation.

Through partnership with 365 Data and Dev Digital, PeaceCom created the Nashville Internet Exchange (NashIX) allowing participants to minimize cost, gain higher performance while connecting with content providers and national/regional networks. Every carrier and customer in the Nashville market wants to take advantage of this efficient on ramp to the Internet.

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