According to researchers at Robert Half Technology, employees lose an average of 22 minutes per workday due to technology-related issues. That’s more than two weeks of lost productivity per year, per employee. Everyone knows communication is a huge piece of the pie - intel streaming in and out of a menagerie of systems is a huge time suck and who pays the price? Your customers.  

Unified Communications (UC) takes the hassle out of implementing collaboration tools and provides reassurance you aren’t losing customers or intelligence about how your team is helping those customers. A UC system refers to an interconnected system of enterprise communication devices and applications, all built to enhance business communication, collaboration, and productivity to acquire and maintain customers for your business.

UC solutions make it possible for small businesses to operationally perform with the communications efficiency that previously only larger organizations had the resources to achieve. More effective collaboration can help your small businesses work smarter with greater productivity and more agility – the latter a clear competitive advantage over larger organizations. This unity builds stronger employee engagement and customer experiences that can edge out the competition from these larger organizations.

Here are the top 5 benefits of a unified communication system that can help level the playing field with the larger competitors in your market space.

1. Simple Management Tools Easy to Purchase and Deploy

Seamless communication is essential. Yet when companies try to bring people together in earnest, mismanaged and complex technology can make it worse. How much time and money are you wasting simply trying to connect and collaborate? With UC, all your collaboration systems are integrated into one platform. Video conferencing, messaging and file sharing, phones, and other applications are right at your fingertips.  

2. Quick Setup and Personalization

Whether you’re growing a virtual team or one in your own office, you need the comfort of knowing your employees and customers can communicate online easily and efficiently. Setting up a UC system is simple because everything is in the cloud – no more on-site hardware that could take days to install (and longer to adopt) and no more waiting for technicians to install it. A cloud UC system also expands the collaborate capabilities of your employees from anywhere and on any device. 

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3. Pricing for Small Business Budgets

Small businesses need to keep things in budget while keeping pace with their respective competing corporate giants. Every penny must have an ROI. Using outdated technology could be costing your business more than you think in terms of productivity, security, and labor, just to name a few. A UC system cuts down on initial costs of an on-site system, as well as long-term costs that come with trying to do everything in-house with multiple, third-party applications. Rather than pay third-party provider fees or float an IT staff, all your IT support is handled by your UC provider.

4. Flexibility to Grow

Scale or die, as they say. UC systems are cloud-based, making it easy to adapt as you grow and anticipate trends before the big guys do. Most systems have subscription licensing plans that let you stay up to date with new releases or add more users.   

5. Trusted and Reliable Vendor Brands

With a keener eye on the budget, small businesses know the difference between cost and value. UC gives your employees time to focus on more strategic tasks instead of drowning in technological complications. With a trusted local UC vendor like Peace Communications, your clients can be confident that their system is working reliably with the latest equipment available. And, if there are any uptime issues, obtaining immediate assistance from a human being is a simple phone call or email away. 

Peace of Mind in Your Business Collaboration

Your communications platform is the face of your company and a UC system is a valuable long-term investment that stays current and keeps giving back. Make sure you are working with a company that has experience providing reliable communications and who will be there to support you for many years to come. At Peace Communications, we are approaching 20 years in business in Tennessee and surrounding areas. Clients come to us – and stay with us! – because they know we have a reputation for providing reliable equipment at a reasonable price point, with unmatched customer service.

Contact us today to learn more about our Unified Communication platform and how your small business can hit above its weight class and compete! 



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